Our Members

Let’s catch up!

Some of the men thought it would be a good idea to have a page where our members can share some information about themselves.  Tell us what you did during your tour of duty.  Write about your career, your families or share memories of a loved one.

Come on guys!

Here’s your chance to let your fellow vets know more about you and what you’ve been up to.  So far, only 11 have joined and we’d really like to hear from everybody.

If you’d like to participate, write a short profile and send it to Ken or Tom.

If you have a recent photo, send that along, too.

Profiles will be listed alphabetically. 

Click on the images to view the member’s profile.

Joe Babcock

William C. Brodersen

1st Lt. John Dodson

SFC Donald F. Kassik

Ken Kiel

Tom (TJ) King

Rich Nelson

Thomas A. Rinker

Chet Urbanek

Raphael “Chief” Wahwassuck

Jerry Welsted