591st Reactivated, 2007-2014

Dear fellow Soldiers of the 591st Engineer Company,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for inviting me to the 591st Engineer Company 40th reunion. As you all know, I will become the company commander upon our activation around 1 October 2007. I was absolutely overwhelmed by the support, patriotism, and loyalty of the veterans of the 591st Engineer Company. I heard an abundance of stories about how the company operated during Vietnam. These stories varied by date and time, officers and enlisted, operator to leader; but one thing remained constant, all the stories were told from the heart. I appreciate all that was shared to me by our veterans and spouses. I realized that the 591st is a proud organization with tradition and honor. I am honored to be the next company commander of this extraordinary unit.

Today’s world is filled with uncertainty, but one thing remains true; our Army will remain strong. This is the same Army you served in Vietnam, and I proudly serve today. I felt that during the reunion the torch of the 591st; that burned bright during WWII and Vietnam, was passed to me. I returned to FT Campbell and told all the Soldiers of the proud Veterans I talked with and their stories. I will assure that whatever missions our company may assume in this War on Terror, we will be ready. The 591st has always “Stood Guard” insuring America’s blanket of freedom will never become stained or tarnished. Sleep in peace fellow Soldiers, knowing that the 591st; once again, is ready.

Thank you again for inviting me to the 40th reunion. More important, thank you for accepting the new generation into the “Brotherhood”, we will not let you down.

“We Strike”; “Sapper Eagle”; “Air Assault”!


Captain David Wilson, the 1st Company Commander of the Reactivated 591st Engineer Company with some 591st Vietnam Vet Alumni. 2007 Reunion in Branson, Missouri.