Jerry Welsted Support Plt. Sept 69-70

Jerry, 1969

After high school and basic training, went to Ft. Leonard Wood and was trained to operate cranes. Arrived in Viet Nam and was sent to Camp Eagle to work at getting a crane out of the river near FSB Birmingham. Since that 40T crane wasn’t being moved quickly enough, the monsoons came and soon that equipment was under water. It was finally retrieved and scrapped.

After helping move hootches at Camp Eagle for the Seabees and whoever else needed help, the rock crusher operation was moved to Gia Le quarry, which had been abandoned by the Seabees. Operated the 40T shovel front loading blasted rock to be moved to the crusher. Originally we stayed at the site and did our own security, but later it was decided not to be safe enough so we commuted to the quarry every day from Camp Eagle. I spent the last year of my enlistment in Ft. Benning, GA with a Floating Bridge Company.

I’ve been trying to attend the reunions as much as possible, usually bringing my daughter, Kara, along. Great fun! I almost wish I was younger so that I could have been with the guys who first established the 591st in-country. What a great bunch of guys to be around.

I’m so sorry Jim Miller can’t be with us anymore. He did so much to contact us and get this reunion going. Although I didn’t work with him, I’m sure it would’ve been a great experience.

Hope to see more of the guys at our coming reunions!