Thomas A. Rinker

I was in the services Jan. 1966 to Jan. 1969. I was at Fort Jackson, South Carolina for basic training and Fort Belvoir, Virginia for mechanics schooling. Then off to Fort Campbell, KY. I was one of the first ones to arrive in the maintenance platoon motor pool, under Sgt. Don Kassik. After Months of getting the 591st up to POWER, I helped pack the tools, parts and equipment for shipping.

I had good times, with a bunch of great Brothers at Ft. Campbell. I stayed with the 591st til Blackhorse. I was transferred to 69th. There I was TDY for about six months. We, three operators and myself, with two 290s and one Dozer, went up and down the Mekong Delta area wherever we were needed all during the Tet Offensive of “68”. After a thirteen-month tour, I went to Fort Mead, Maryland for my last six months. Ended up going to Washington DC for the riots and working on Tanks.

Two days after I got out of the service I got married to Julie and have been married Fifty-five years. For thirty-eight years I worked for the local power company as a lineman, retired in 2005 and moved from PA. to Florida. And I am loving retirement!

Welcome home Brothers.